boys will be boys =)


i’ve passed by it a thousand times before. right by the entrance of sm foodcourt is this simulated racing game which, i believe, is geared for the older market. and when i say “older,” i mean there are no age limits, especially since my dad (who i thought was not into that kind of stuff) seemed really interested to try it while watching this nautical student compete against other virtual racers who zoomed by on his computer screen, his seat moving right and left according to his car’s direction and even screeching forward when he hits the brakes.

i could tell my dad really wanted to try it, based on the way he was smiling and asking, “lahi sad ni noh?”

i was like, “unsa man, ganahan ka? suway lang gud!”

the moment the nautical student’s time was up, he was immediately like, “ram, ikaw sa pikas!” lol.


ram won first place. my dad won last — twelfth out of twelfth. he was a very careful race car driver. he probably didn’t wanna scratch his black ferrari. so while his competitors had long since finished the race, there was my dad driving a powerful car to the finish line on what seemed like the speed of a turtle. hahaha. but he looked really cute, though, my dad. at the end of the game when he was beaming like a school boy, i said, “daddy, pildi man ka!”

with the pride of an ambulance driver who drove a patient to the hospital safely, he said, “o, pero wala man sad jud ko nabangga sa kilid! katong uban kay nangabangga man to sila so nangamatay na to sila. ako kay buhi man jud ko nga naabot sa finish line.”

i laughed. “uh, daddy, the goal is to get there first. not to get there alive.”

“sagdi lang — sunod, sunod. at least kahibaw nako na ana diay na.”

hahaha. i love my dad! =D

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