ghost rider 2: spirit of cheese-flavored french fries

ram practically had to beg me to watch this movie with him. i acceded, not because i wanted to make the boy in him happy, but because he dangled a large bucket of hot, yummy cheese-flavored french fries before me which induced some sneaky mental gymnastics in my head — “the sooner we get to the movie theater, the more chances of me eating more than my fair share of those cholesterol-laden fried potato sticks without him noticing how much and how many i’m eating at a time because of the dark, the better!”

you should have seen me. i was like this pathetic dog hanging on to ram’s arm sniffing those yummy orange-y munchies and he was nothing but, “we have to save this for later,” using that tone and voice i use on my 3-year old niece when i’m asking her to wait and to be patient because those lindt swiss thins dark chocolate ain’t going nowhere.

you would think that that would have put me in my place. instead, like my 3-year old niece, i clung on. my mission was to annihilate those fries, by hook or by crook. so i gave him my saddest, saddest look. like i had just been afflicted by a plague and was going to die in a matter of seconds and he, my only hope, withholds the cure from me. it’s one of my favorite weapons.

so yeah, he begged to see the movie; i begged to eat his fries. win-win.

as much as i hate to admit that the highlight of this movie were the cheese-flavored french fries i finished before we even got to buy the tickets, the movie itself was actually pretty good. like 4-and-a-half-stars good. (for a bucket of fries, i’m agreeable to pretty much anything.)

so much so that i am now interested to watch part 1. so, you know, i could understand what the movie was about? because enjoy and understand are two different things. i enjoyed the movie, sure, that’s why i’m giving it that many stars. but did i understand it?

*crickets chirping*

seriously? i don’t even know why i liked this movie. i just did. or maybe it was those french fries?

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