missing aeva. again.


may-ann raised her well. i couldn’t be more proud of my sister for rearing such a wonderful kid who’s smart (like me) and funny (like me) and cute (like me) and charming (like me). okay, so of course she has several great attributes that she genetically inherited from her parents too but those four i mentioned above definitely came from me. no doubt about it. (just don’t tell may-ann that. she’ll hate me — for saying the truth out loud. hahaha. no, seriously, don’t.)

i miss her. everyone here misses her. even her purple trike misses her cute butt. (i miss her cute butt more!) belle and tangled, her two disney princess dolls which she accidentally left here in cebu, miss her too.


it’s just different around here without her asking for “privacy” every time she poo-poos but wouldn’t let you walk past the door frame so she could chat you up about mermaids and the dangers of talking to strangers who turn out to be the evil witch who would cast a spell on belle so tangled has to save her from getting stuck in the mud using her long braided blonde hair.

like i said before, you have to be on your toes to catch up with a child’s flight of ideas. for your sake, don’t miss the boat. because, really, conversing with a 3-year old can sound as crazy/fun as this:

aeva: ugh! there’s something in my ear.
me: maybe it’s a fly?
aeva: no, it’s not a fly.
me: or maybe it’s a duck?
aeva: yes, it’s a duck, i think.

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