the unexpected charm of timubo cave

timubo cave

from the outside, timubo cave looked unassuming and pale with the dark hole promising not to hold any promises that might disappoint those who venture in.

timubo cave

no extreme spelunking is needed when exploring timubo cave. no ropes either. just bring yourself, as stairs had already been cemented along the path to ensure a comfortable walk for visitors at the expense of the stalactites and stalagmites which i gathered were already vandalized before this place even became a tourist attraction anyway. oh, and there’s no need for flashlights too. halogen bulbs lead and light the way.

you may, however, bring a hard hat. in case you’re paranoid about scalp lacerations, contusions, concussions, subdural hematoma, epidural hemorrhage — you know, those minor stuff. some of the stalactites do go pretty low in some of the cave openings but other than being extra careful with your head, all you need is common sense in lieu of a yellow hard hat which might make you look kind of silly unless you naturally, fashionably rock in it.

timubo cave

because we were the only people there at that time, the cave can be eerily silent and creepy if we stood still with it. i’m not a very superstitious person but some places, i believe, are enchanted. seriously. i respect that, as well as the invisible elements dwelling in those places. timubo cave was one of those places.

timubo cave

and really, with water like this, what supernatural being would not want to protect it from the foolishly destructive habits of man?

timubo cave

as the cliche goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. the external facade of the cave may not have held anything much but such facade worked out fine because in not expecting, you get blown away by the things you never expected in the first place.

in short, i. was. f*cking. blown. away! although “bombed” is much more closer to the truth.

fyi: in the past, this cave was an important source of water for the folks living in the area. people used it for drinking, washing clothes, bathing, whatever it was they needed the water for. how they accessed it without the convenience of a cemented footpath is beyond me but hey, it worked for them so kudos to those guys!

2 thoughts on “the unexpected charm of timubo cave

  1. Your photos makes me want to see Cebu again. Like right now.

    All caves have uninviting facades. But that’s the reason why you want to explore what’s on the inside. That grotto was not there before. There were just some few light bulbs and that’s about it. I hope that small modest cave is not getting over exploited.


    1. i didn’t expect the cave to be so beautiful inside too, judging from its external appearance. but the water was just so mesmerizing and oh-so-clear and the atmosphere so serene the whole place almost seemed holy!

      i’m glad these photos make you want to visit cebu again. as a cebuano, i find it very flattering when visitors appreciate this island i call my home. i certainly hope cebu would find you in her arms again soon. sinulog, maybe? hehe.

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