poro, camotes

with camotes being a relatively small island off of cebu, traveling around its tourist attractions is easy. that is, if you can find the transportation to do so. i’m not saying cars or buses have never been heard of in that part of town. sure, there are vans and motorcycles for rent. those things you have to arrange with your resort or upon arrival at the port. however, don’t expect public utility vehicles to roam around the streets looking for passengers. that never happened the whole time we were there.

camotes island

the motorcycles you can get for about 400 or so pesos and that includes the driver. i think you can get it a lot cheaper without the driver. i don’t know if you can get it even more cheaper with just the driver, though.

with the main roads smoothly asphalted, the ride wasn’t really that scary. it was actually fun watching the scenery go by. one thing i did notice was how green the plants and grasses were in camotes. no kidding, they were green green! you know what i mean? gawd, i can’t even explain it to you. they were a different kind of green. the living kind or something. the kind of green that breathes in the day and snores at night. or something.

okay, i’ll stop babbling now.

buho rock resort

our first stop was in the island of poro, one of the four islands of camotes connected to pacijan (where we stayed) by a causeway which paved through a large area of mangroves. either side of the road were mangroves galore. if mangroves are your thing, you’d seize with excitement there.

what i was excited about, though, was the buho rock resort, a popular tourist destination in poro with slides and jumping spots for the daredevil ones. those who value their lives at all cost can take refuge in one of the many open cottages there.

nursing the muscle pains and the bruises i acquired from cliff-climbing in palawan five days prior to this trip, it didn’t help that in order to get to the actual resort area, i had to climb down 56 steps. with my temporary disability, those 56 steps seemed like a hundred to me. one way. not counting the other 56 steps back to get to the top where the entrance was located. pure torture!

buho rock resort

but then again, it was all worth it!

can i just say the water was mesmerizing? it was. and i mean that in every sense of the word. i had never wanted to jump into the water so badly in my entire life but that was just me being all brave and adventurous in my head. in reality, i was still the scaredy cat that i was. and am.

buho rock resort

ram and jelvin would have taken the plunge had it not been low tide and all. they reckoned the water was too shallow for diving. either that, or they were scaredy cats too. haha. =p

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