camotes creatures

the tourist-y spots i’ll save for later. right now, allow me to share with you some photos of the things in camotes that caught my fancy.

camotes island

if you live in the western world, the sight of stray dogs would probably raise your blood pressure to stroke level but for folks like me, these stray dogs deserve all the air time they can get. because they’re not your ordinary city stray dogs. they’re the cool, beach ones. those whose motto goes by the line of “life’s a beach.” (or “bitch,” depending on how the last word of the sentence is pronounced.)

either way, these canines have it good. for 365 days they get to chill under the sun, unless, of course, if it’s raining. then they’re pretty much screwed.

camotes island

the hermit crabs were also interesting. they were like a battalion of army resurrected from the depths of a quicksand.

these guys, they were really fun to watch. out of nowhere they appeared. any slight movement within their environment and they burrowed themselves back into the sand. an extremely paranoid bunch.

camotes island

a deep red gumamela is a deep red gumamela, big deal. but to see something so vibrantly red in the middle of vibrant greens made the flower so attractive it definitely stood out from the world it was planted in. seriously. if it didn’t, why would i even bother taking a picture of it?

camotes island

and then there were the birds which greeted us in the morning of our second day. elegant birds playing catch with the waves. me and my camera’s auto focus playing catch with the the birds playing catch with the waves. my lens must have extended itself too far out to capture a good shot and my arm muscles must have slightly atrophied from stabilizing the camera too much to reduce shaking and blurring but all in all, i took some pretty incredible shots of these feathery warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrates.

nevermind if out of all the pretty incredible shots i took, only one photo survived as evidence of my arms’ tripod skills. the rest of the 10 or so pretty incredible shots i had to delete because they were either blurry or hazy, or turned out to be white-washed with none of my subjects in sight.

camotes island

this lone birdie i loved. flying solo from his usual flock, i imagined him to be some kind of a cool renegade with white shirt, black biker jacket, and an aura of mystery that chicks his kind dig.

camotes island

although, on the other hand, that renegade bird’s coolness would melt to nothing under this cat’s menacing stare and sharp claws.

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