lake danao

lake danao park

lake danao is said to be the largest inland body of freshwater (that’s the correct definition of a lake, right?) in all of visayas and mindanao — 680 hectares of it!

i don’t know if that’s a really really big deal because i suck at measurements and 680 hectares doesn’t mean anything to me unless i’m flying over it and estimating its size in comparison to its surrounding area visually, not numerically. i mean, that’s just how my brain works, if it works at all.

lake danao park

and besides, it’s kind of hard to appreciate it for what it is when all you see from the wooden platform is an endless view of stagnant water and long stretches of greens. other than that, there isn’t anything much to see, honestly speaking.

lake danao park

so the next best thing you can do is take pictures of yourself after you get bored taking pictures of the still life before you.

lake danao park

if that doesn’t work, you can rent a boat and go fishing. that’s what the park really offers anyway. =)

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