(some of) the islands that made el nido famous: big lagoon

big lagoon

the small lagoon’s big sister, the big lagoon, is another amazing spot which instantly became my sister’s and cousin’s favorite. from the name itself, common sense would tell you that it’s big — bigger, of course, than the small lagoon — which was my favorite!

big lagoon

of course there were still the rocks and cliffs surrounding it (it’s not called a lagoon for nothing!) — the grays contrasting the greens; the greens contrasting the black sea urchins lying in abundance along the shallow mouth of the splendid body of water whose depths increased the further in we went.

big lagoon

once inside, you can’t help but be silent, as you feel the spirit of the waters and the trees and the rocks prod you into soulful contemplation. the birds chirp. this is nature right here.

big lagoon

big lagoon

big lagoon

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