(some of) the islands that made el nido famous: secret lagoon

secret lagoon

by this time, you’re probably tired of looking at these cliffs. but that’s el nido for you.

secret lagoon

without these majestic limestone rock formations, there wouldn’t be white sandy shores.

secret lagoon

perhaps the water wouldn’t be quite as clear.

secret lagoon

but most of all, there would be no secret lagoons!

secret lagoon

the hole is easy to miss. i’m glad that whoever discovered it kept their eyes alert for any sign of a secret paradise.

the water here was warm. i love swimming in warm waters. the lagoon was also the smallest of the lagoons we visited. so small that your echoes reverberate around the rocky walls before disappearing into the white cloudy skies above.

i never thought about it but i don’t know if this lagoon is accessible during high tide. in order to get in, maybe it would be necessary to hold your breath to swim right through the narrow opening or something. i forgot to ask jelly about that.

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