(some of) the islands that made el nido famous: helicopter island

helicopter island

the day was winding down when we forged our way into helicopter island, the last in our itinerary in lieu of 7 commando beach because the tour guides said the helicopter island was better than the latter.

helicopter island

i may not have been to 7 commando beach to fairly make a comparison but the helicopter island was definitely not something to regret.

helicopter island

well, the waves may have been a little too rough but perhaps that’s just the local nature’s way of enthusiastically greeting her eager visitors — with an overwhelming ferocity that made me scared that if i didn’t  hold on and steady myself, i might find myself getting sucked into the open sea.

helicopter island

kind of like life, i guess, where we are always, always, at one point or another, on the verge of getting sucked into a nameless void. which is why we need to have a strong anchor to keep us from floating mindlessly away. holding on to the things that truly matter in life — love, family, friends, and faith — there is no need for a compass because where we are standing is where our true north is.

helicopter island

emo moment aside, helicopter island is so named because of the shape of its limestone cliffs. common sense would tell you that it’s shaped like those of a helicopter’s, although from up close, you couldn’t really tell.

helicopter island

i doubt if this monkey could too. (yes, every once in a while, you’d see monkeys chilling out somewhere in the islands, which goes to show that the islands in el nido are as nature-y as they can get.)

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