they’ll make you smile, unless you’re bitter.

with celebrity marriages coming and going at the blink of an eye, it’s comforting to know that there are still a handful of hollywood relationships that are as real as they come. of course, it helps that i don’t know the real deal of the status of their relationships but merely looking at photos of them together gives me that warm fuzzy feeling of an 8-year old girl who totally believes in happily-ever-afters.

bono & ali

my latest favorite couple? bono and ali hewson. they’ve been married for 28 years but looking at videos of their interviews in youtube, you can tell bono’s still head over heels in love the way he looks at her, or the way he kisses her every chance he gets (on and off the red carpet), or the way he dedicates his songs to her during his concerts. such a sweet guy.

bono & ali

however, in as much as i like bono for his music and his vision to change the world, i admire ali more because she seems really down-to-earth, like she’s the kind of woman who doesn’t need a man to define her, not even bono with his rock star status and all.

an interesting trivia: U2’s “the sweetest thing” was writen by bono as an apology to ali for missing her birthday because he spent it working in the studio. she made him donate the profits to her favorite charity, chernobyl-something.

at the risk of becoming fanatic, i read several articles about the couple last night and i love them both for their humanitarian efforts — bono on the macro scale, and ali working on the micro scale. truly inspiring.

gawd, i think i’m in love with them. i mean, what girl doesn’t want a guy and a partnership like that?

this song is definitely on my future wedding music list, say, 10 years from now? haha.

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