cebu trivia night

earlier this week, after dinner with my former colleagues, ram and i found ourselves with my sister and her friends at the joker’s arms in mandaue city. it was my first time there. ram, who plays poker at the adjoining area, the metro club poker, warned me i wouldn’t like the place because of the smoke. he was right. but i couldn’t complain (although i did promise my lungs that for the next ten years i will breathe nothing but fresh air. pinky promise.) because that night was trivia night and i was pretty sure it was gonna be fun. i was right. (if i don’t count the lousy fact that except for the fairtyales section, i had no idea what they were talking about!)

cebu trivia night

basically, trivia night is for people who don’t find memorizing painful. i am not one of those people. i’ve never been the type to memorize names, dates, or facts, unless my brain found them too interesting that the details just imprinted themselves automatically on to my neurons. otherwise, it’s a blonde moment for me. anyhow, to sum it up for you, trivia night is for people who are but there’s no prejudice here because, of course, the dumb ones make the competition so much more fun! and we were there purely for their entertainment. lol.

cebu trivia night

i’m not sorry to say that i was one of the dumb ones on that night. right from the start, i knew where i stood, as i did a little self-reflection by the entrance door before the smoke erased all the little files in my floppy disk that is my brain. didn’t do much damage, though. those files were pretty much useless because majority of the questions were a mix of anything and everything related to sports, the bible, television programs, and 70’s rock bands, among other things i had zero idea about.

the only time i was of use was the visual part where they showed photos of different fairytales and we had to give the title. but of course, everybody knew the answers to those so by default, i was still a wallflower. haha. good thing there was ram too — who failed the girls when they relied on him to supply them the names of the porn artists because, well, he’s a guy. needless to say, those were 10 lost points, with ram swearing that the next time he watches porn, he’ll take note of the actors’ names and faces. just as he swore to bring jelvin next time because hands down, that dude’s like the buddha of pornography or something. lol. kidding. but for what it’s worth, we placed third in the first round. and second to the last in the final round, which wasn’t so bad at all!

cebu trivia night

a college classmate i had not seen for 10 years was also there. james zanoria was with one of the smart groups. i talked to him for a bit where he reminded me of some other college classmates and he was like, “you remember (drops a name)?” and i was like, “who?” and then my sister’s friend went to inform me that she was my high school batchmate and that’s where i made this lame attempt to salvage my traitor memory by exclaiming, “of course i know her!” (i went to high school and elementary and prep school with her for a total of 11 f*cking years!) i wasn’t bluffing. of course i knew her! seriously.

at this point, i don’t wonder why i suck at trivia nights.

cebu trivia night

now, i don’t know these ladies but they were the representatives of the two groups who tied at first place. no kidding, it was like a mental showdown! damn, they were smart! i was like, “where the hell do they learn those things?!” (note to self: it’s not too late to cram.) the one on the left brought her team to victory. i liked her. i liked her cool, casual style. like she’s so smart and cool at the same time but she wouldn’t slap that on your face because she’s too cool and smart for that.

when i grow up, i want to be just like that.

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