wishing for a summer minus the heat

you won’t believe how hot it is here in cebu lately. i am so not exaggerating if i tell you it feels like hell. not that i’ve ever been there but, well, i kind of figured.

thing is, you can hate the heat but you gotta love the beach with this kind of weather. even the sea looked turquoise-ly clear from where i was driving down at the south road properties. it reminded me of last year’s summery christmas in panglao, bohol.

virgin island, bohol

virgin island, panglao, bohol

virgin island, bohol

…where aleth perfected her jump shots and did soooo much better in every take, more than i ever could no matter how hard i tried. and to think i was the one who taught her! hmp!

virgin island, bohol

and where the fine white sand and the white hot sun bore witness to my tumbling failure.
with an “s.” make that a plural form.

virgin island, bohol

gotta ♥ summer. just not the heat.

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