crazy days

it’s been raining on and off here in cebu for a couple of days now. the weather’s really crazy lately — schizophrenic crazy. no kidding. one minute i’m cursing the heat. the next minute i’m listening to the sound of thunder and the not-so-friendly pitter-patter of the angry raindrops.

i still don’t own an umbrella, for whatever purpose it may serve rain or shine. umbrellas are not my thing. never was. deep inside, i still hold this fear of getting struck by lightning made even more accessible (and probable) by the metal rod pointing up to the heavens above gambling with the gods for a chance electrocution. it sounds funny until somebody does get electrocuted. i just don’t want that somebody to be me. as crazy as all this sounds, my fears are based on hard-core facts: you do have a higher chance of getting hit by lightning than getting attacked by a shark. (not that i plan to go surfing anytime soon.)

death by lightning aside, these crazy days bring in some hilarious surprises — the kind that cracks you up in the middle of the traffic waiting for the light to turn green and wishing that it won’t yet so you can grab your phone and snap a quick grainy picture.

funny car

great things start from small beginnings, right? just as full-blown psychiatric disorders start out small too. haha.

happy rainy days, everyone! =)

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