in silent lucidity

some days, you can’t help waking up on the wrong side of the bed. i know i can’t. and i have a single bed so go figure.

i hate being sad. it’s so sad it makes me sad. every time i feel blue, i talk to ram and it helps. misery does love company. haha.

but ram can’t always be there for me 24/7 and i don’t expect him to. some things you just gotta deal on your own. so i turn to queensryche, a band not everyone knows which i also wouldn’t have known had it not been for this one song, and they pick me right back up. and slams me down harder again as they remind me of that embarrassing conversation i had with an english-speaking friend.

english-speaking friend: (going on an on about his stupidity for being so patronizing to a certain girl)
trying-hard, english-speaking me: so she didn’t appreciate your patriotism?
english-speaking friend: my what?!

kill me.

for a band considered to be in the metal category, the video is quite cheesy. but try closing your eyes. the lyrics will blow you away.

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