reminiscing the good ol’ times

hospital buddies

i’m lucky to have met some really great friends in my lifetime. we may not see each other often anymore but i’m glad that somehow, they are a part of me. =)

cari an made me feel nostalgic when she mentioned me in her facebook. it made me want to relive all the wonderful moments we had…

hospital buddies

that christmas celebration in the garden where we exchanged silly gifts but not before walk-dancing around the table screaming singing “i love my manita, yes i do!” for all the neighbors to hear.

hospital buddies

losing our sanity over a couple of shots of kamikazee, two microphones, and an endless list of videoke songs on a night that could go on forever.

hospital buddies

celebrating cari’s 3-day suspension with pizza, some beer, and a nice view of the city later that night on top of one of cebu’s mountains.

hospital buddies

holding a pajama party in jane’s new apartment where everything served was painfully sweet — from the chocolate-topped cupcakes to the chocolate ice cream. except for the spaghetti which tasted like it had lemon sauce instead of tomato in it.

hospital buddies

partying all night with these people witnessing my highly embarrassing catastrophic dance moves — me and ram taking the nestea plunge right off the freaking stage! *cringe*

hospital buddies

going on a road trip down south and shamelessly asking a stranger to take our picture while we pose according to joy’s instructions and asking that same stranger to take another shot. okay, maybe two.

hospital buddies

witnessing a dear friend give birth as we crowded around her in the delivery room to show our support. (i was officially on duty then so it wasn’t as much fun for me.)

hospital buddies

playing doctor as i inserted an IV cannula into cari’s vein after a dinner get-together because cari’s tummyache just wouldn’t let up and she needed to have her medication injected intravenously.

hospital buddies

but the craziest moment of all? garden swimming at one in the morning. don’t ask.


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