sunset in santander

outside these french windows, the sun is slowly fading on a horizon i could not see. the soft afternoon lights come pouring on me. and i am reminded of how much i love sunsets. and of how i wish i live by the beach…


where puffy, white cotton candy clouds are an everyday treat;


where sea creatures celebrate life by dancing to the beat of the ocean’s drums;


where colorful, tiny sea shells remind you of how important it is to hold on to what is real
and to surround yourself with those who make your life worth holding on to;


where the sharp rock formations you scrape your knee on remind you to be careful
of the slippery, greenish-black moss called negativity;


where serenity transcends the meaninglessness of spoken words when confronted with the palpable feeling of peaceful silence;


where nature lovingly blankets you with dramatic skies
before giving you sandy kisses on your hair, your face, all the way to your toes;


and where the sun bids you a happy goodbye with the promise of a wonderful day tomorrow.

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