naga park


my friends and i, we’re pretty much versatile when it comes to dining out. we’d be just as comfortable buttering our bread and cutting our lobster with expensive silverware in anzani as eating siomai with our hands wrapped with plastic in an eatery somewhere in naga.

naga park

okay, i lied. we’re actually more comfortable dining out in cheap carenderias where people don’t care if you laugh like you were raised in a barn where social etiquette comes second to rearing goats and chickens. we’re happier there. we belong there.

naga park

and really, where else can you find half-naked women selling candies and what-nots in a tiny sari-sari store? haha. (i love how the optical illusion of this shot. ram took this, by the way.)

naga park

that was my first time in naga park. i was surprised to find the place bustling with life at 9 in the evening — kids buying popcorn, vendors making mango shakes, teenagers skating on the sidewalk, couples enjoying hushed conversations by the seawall,

naga park

and of course, there was us… happily clicking away. =)

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