maddi jane

like i said, i’m not so much into youtube. well, yeah, sure, i watch a couple of videos every now and then but it’s never my main source of entertainment. so i have to rely on other people to tell me which videos i need to check out or else i’m going to die a loser.

this is the latest, as recommended by ram: an 11 (or 12?) -year old kid who sings so good it will amaze you! i have the feeling this girl will go far. because not only can she sing but she has the looks too.

happy watching! =)

and oh, this song reminds me of that anecdote which is now a staple joke among my friends — about that lady who exclaimed, “it’s nat about da manee, it’s about da slaat!” lol. of course you wouldn’t get it. but if you hear me say it, it’ll really crack you up, no kidding.

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