a temporary interest in felines

my sister laughs when she sees me “blogging” (gawd, i hate using that verb when i’m the subject. it sounds too professional when all i do is talk about mundane stuff. “blabbing” is more like my verb of choice.) about our hong kong trip which happened like, a million years ago.

“you’re still not finished with that thing?!”

duh. do i look like i’m done? i don’t know when i’d ever be done when my mind and my attention is spent solving jigsaw puzzles online, actively competing against virtual strangers i don’t even know who don’t even give a damn that i just beat their average time by 10 whole minutes.

either that or i see a couple of neighbor’s cats sitting on a blue plastic drum in our backyard and suddenly inspired, i take out my camera and start shooting like a pro. of which i’m obviously not. but i take photos of the snobbish cats anyway.

for the record, i’m a dog person. (a what?! lol.) i don’t find cats too friendly. and i oftentimes have a problem with the way they stare. like they’re threatening you to watch your back or something.




i need to take the time to breathe and take things slow. seriously, my imaginary grandchildren to whom i leave the legacy of this website pressure me to the point where my so-called travelogues start to feel like trigonometry homework.

note to self: chill.

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