go, gayle!


one of my bestest friends is graduating soon. law school, fancy that! she’s probably the funniest, smartest, kindest, most loving person i know. and i’ve known her for a decade so that speaks a lot. i am soooo damn proud of her like she were my own dog who just learned a new trick. yep, that proud! seriously. she inspires me. i know studying law and working full time while maintaining an active social life wasn’t a walk in the park, especially when she was trying to read a book while we’re out on a videoke session and the song “no air” comes on and she just has got to sing it. and then “billionaire” is next so she sings that one too. and the next one and the next one. she’s a ferociously diligent student, i’ll tell you that.

she’s actually a little bit of an artist too. she gave me these when we were in college. sketched them herself.


this one too:


and what do you get when you’re a future lawyer and an artist both at the same time? a con artist, that’s right! lol.

congratulations, gilat! i am soooo happy for you! no kidding.

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