tsim sha tsui by day

tsim sha tsui

five floors down our guesthouse, in the area of tsim sha tsui, are blocks after blocks of stores selling all kinds of stuff ranging from clothes to chinese medicines to gadgets to just about everything. the entire neighborhood was just bustling with life (although the hustle and bustle was much tamer than that in mong kok). i found the stores’ signs fascinating because collectively, they have a certain artistic appeal. everything was just happy and colorful.

the body shop is ubiquitous there. so are trendy, fashion-forward women in trench coats and high-heeled boots i’d kill to have that oftentimes, i found myself concentrating more on other people’s footwear than i was on the road i was walking.

tsim sha tsui

walking straight ahead, we found ourselves in canton road. a really posh road where high-end brands the likes of hermes, louis vuitton, chanel, etc can be found. i loved window-shopping there. even with hong kong being tax-free and all, that was the most i could do. lol.

el2: dinhi siguro na mag shopping ang mga datu sa pilipinas noh?
me: feeling sad nako.
el2: i feel so out of place. i don’t belong here.
me: i think pang colon ra jud ka.
el2: okay ra nako.

tsim sha tsui

i loved these street decorations. i loved the whole effect because it made the entire sidewalk look cheerful. at first i thought they were fake flowers but they’re real. couldn’t be any more lovelier.

tsim sha tsui

another thing i loved was the tsim sha tsui clock tower near victoria harbour. i found it lovely and romantic at the same time. just as much as i find street lamps romantic, for some reason.

tsim sha tsui

at the waterfront, we took in the glorious sight of central’s buildings opposite tsim sha tsui. so this is what makes hong kong hong kong, huh? i was amazed for about five minutes. give or take three.

tsim sha tsui

the buildings when zoomed in reminded me of spiderman. i don’t know why. i mean, it’s just the kind of playground spiderman would love. he does love to swing from one building after another relying only on the unbelievably ultra-strong spiderweb thread ejected from his wrist. but enough of that.

tsim sha tsui

because another thing i found interesting where the birds hovering about by the park. sooo cute!

tsim sha tsui

there was this huge sculpture of the flying frenchman too done by cesar in 1991 which was donated by the cartier foundation to the people of hong kong. who the hell was the flying frenchman? lol.

tsim sha tsui

this one’s cute: a girl trying to “pet” the birds from afar. i figured she’s the daughter of the driver of the ice cream truck. the HK$8 sundae cone i was so tempted to buy but just couldn’t because it would freeze my ass further. lol.

tsim sha tsui


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