on games that are boring

i can’t complain so i will just state a fact: i feel tired. and there are still a lot of things that i need to do — painting caterpillars on my niece’s loot bags, for one, which are sitting on the carpet at my back just waiting for me to take notice. but who wouldn’t notice the piles when both my mom and my sis keep reminding me? lol. so here i am, chilling. i want to play plants vs zombies which our computer technician re-installed after he upgraded our programs but i’m starting to get bored with the game.

speaking of games, you ever heard of that lagoon game thingie over at facebook? i haven’t crossed over the other side yet but it’s crazy how ram texts me at 11pm just to let me harvest his fish egg. i ain’t harvestin’ nobody’s eggs, boy!

point is, i know there are a lot of people addicted to a lot of things — drugs, sex, alcohol, facebook, whatever gives them the high. but i’m not playing the role of a co-dependent. so he patiently gave me a day before i bled and found myself cleaning his damn lagoon and hatching his egg and harvesting his oysters and achieving a new level just so he would complete his turtle mission which promises to give him, of course, a turtle. the only problem is, one of the conditions is to clean out his neighbor’s lagoon. wtf! i ain’t cleanin’ out nobody’s lagoon, man!

so i guess i will never be addicted to anything. i get bored quite easily. i do hope he gets his turtle, though. i know he finds the game boring too but he’s a sucker for turtles. and if you’re a sucker for something, you allow yourself to be a sucker for almost everything.

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