one more day to go… and i need to sleep.

i know it’s crazy to be feeling quite sentimental at the thought of leaving but in some ways, work has been fun. not always, but i love coloring with the kids. to a point where i feel like i am more excited at the prospect of coloring pictures than my students are. energetically, i would ask them, “so, do you want to color?” and in my head, i’m like, “please say yes, please say yes…” because i find coloring really fun. not to mention that it has other purposes too. it gives me enough time to stall so i could make the online reports. hehe.

some of my students are very good when it comes to coloring. (but of course, they get a little bit of help from me.)


some students are… well, let’s just say they’re not into coloring as much as i am. either that, or they have a hyperactive imagination. like that time i asked a 6-year old kid to color a gingerbread man after connecting the dots and i was surprised when he drew spikes all around it. when i asked him why there were spikes all over the “cookie man,” he took the liberty of informing me that it is not “cookie man” anymore. it’s wolverine.

since then, every picture that i asked him to color immediately transformed into wolverine. even the bunnies.


for those who are not into coloring, i let them draw whatever they want to — the sky’s the limit. and it’s fascinating to watch their creativity come into play. these kids draw better than i ever could. so i just sit and watch and praise them for a job well done.


All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
–Pablo Picasso

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