that’s ely buendia. seriously.

ely buendia

i’ve never seen ely personally before nor have i been to any eraserheads concert but just because i haven’t doesn’t mean i don’t love the guy. ‘coz i do. so imagine my excitement when i read in the newspaper that he’ll be having a mini-performance at SM today. right here in cebu. for free. so i grabbed the chance to finally get to see him up close and personal.

i’m proud to declare this day as the day i have finally seen ely buendia’s hair and back and shoes and coat and jeans. because really, those were the only things i ever saw.

when you’re watching the concert from two floors above with his spinal column facing you, it couldn’t get any more closer, or more personal, than that. but that’s not to say i didn’t have a bonding moment with the back of his head.

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