lymph nodes

the chocolate almonds did it.

because of them, i spent a couple of thousand bucks just to hear the doctor tell me that although the lymph nodes in my throat have grown to a size bigger than the last time — and although they are swollen and inflamed — yes, they are still normal. nothing that a one week course of antibiotics can’t cure.

of course i had to ask him that cancer question again. we’re talking about lymph nodes here, for crying out loud! somehow, the 2% cancer chance he placed upon my little discomfort two years ago had dwindled down into a statement telling me that my highly sensitive lymph nodes can only increase its chances of getting cancer when i expose myself to second-hand smoke.

gawd, i’m so easy to kill. just a couple of puffs within my radius and my life span can dramatically be reduced down to 30 years — which leaves me with what? 4 years? i’m a goner before i even know it. goodbye, friends. lol.

there’s still that feeling of something when i swallow, though. intermittent pain. nothing to worry about, right, doc? so why am i still worrying?

oh, right. because with that rather embarrassing endoscopy with ram right there in the same room (he just wouldn’t leave! he was determined to literally see me through my misery!) looking at me and hearing me say “ahh” over and over again in a soprano 1 tone, there, basically, went my meager salary. hopefully, the rather expensive antibiotics would cure my financial woes too. considering how much they cost, they better! lol.

anyhow, i don’t want your lymph nodes to suffer the same fate as mine did so i’m sharing with you what the doctor told me to avoid or to limit. i’m sparing you from paying those medical consultation fees. and yes, you’re welcome. =)

foods that are irritating to the throat:

  • nuts
  • chocolates
  • shrimp
  • junk foods
  • soft drinks
  • cold beverages
  • mangoes
  • spices

in short, the doctor told me to go die of starvation. virtually every food in the damned food pyramid is there. and what about those chocolate almonds i haven’t consumed yet?! well, as they say, patience is a virtue. those killer chocolate nuts would just have to wait it out while i’m going through my medications. and come on, it’s not like i’m a chocolate addict (unless we’re talking Godiva 72% dark demitasse here). i pop in about 10 of those killers and i get inflamed lymph nodes overnight. what the hell is up with that?!

i don’t know why other people don’t have a problem with those foods mentioned. i hate my cervical lymph nodes for being such wimps!

cooling myself down. i’m alive (albeit with swollen lymph nodies). i’m still breathing. i’m fine. and it’s my birthday tomorrow! =)

p.s. thinking of all the people i have to treat out, i’m starting to hate those chocolate almonds for failing to do the job of killing me directly. nice and smooth would have definitely done the trick. lol.

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