one hundred years of solitude


Jose Arcadio Segundo: What did you expect? Time passes.
Ursula: That’s how it goes, but not so much.

When she said it she realized that she was giving the same reply that Colonel Aureliano Buendia had given in his death cell, and once again she shuddered with the evidence that time was not passing, as she had just admitted, but that it was turning in a circle.

omigod… my eternal favorite. i just finished reading this book. again. i must have read it four or five times already and it never fails to leave me in awe of the magnificence of such masterpiece. truly a classic.i just wish i could read the original spanish version of this book. and understand every word of it without having to consult the dictionary.

6 thoughts on “one hundred years of solitude

  1. i know i have a copy of this book but i can’t remember asa na to ron 😦 and i can’t remember if nahuman ba ko ug basa but since di ko ka-remember sa story, most probably wala jud ko kahuman ug basa tingali πŸ˜€ imo na lang book list akong himoong reference jan oi πŸ™‚ mag sundog ra ko’s imong mga nabasa na πŸ˜€

    1. as far as my list is concerned, it’s a must-read! hehehe. but, you know, people have different tastes when it comes to books. i don’t think you need to follow anyone’s list. if you go to booksale (you buy your books at booksale, yeah?) and you find a book that captures your interest, go for it. that’s what i do, and i end up discovering all these not-so-famous books which are such good reads. and then ma proud dayon ko to have read something not everyone knows about. cheap thrills. haha. =p

      1. yep, tig-booksale ko πŸ™‚ adto nya ko sa ilang parkmall branch πŸ˜€ usahay kay by author ko mag-tan-aw sa book na akong paliton, or mag tan-aw sa synopsis sa likod πŸ˜€ ako jud gi-balik2x imong mga book posts para naa koy idea unsay mga nindot nga books πŸ˜€

        1. sauna kay i’d go for the ones with oprah’s book club logo. but of course, i read the synposis as well to see if feel nako ang story. most of the time, the books she recommends are pretty good. =)

            1. yeah, i think so. i’ve read that book before and although i can vaguely remember what the story was about, i think it was a good one.

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