prior to this movie, we staged a silent fight, witnessed by a lesbian couple sitting on the bench adjacent to ours. 2 long agonizing hours of just sitting there doing nothing and saying nothing. bounded by a promise never to walk out on each other when we fight. torturing ourselves with the deafening silence.

2 upsized mcdonald’s cheeseburger meal and one movie later, we’re okay.

when he asked me what i thought about the movie, i was like, “it’s okay.” a lousy response that has become an automatic habit, not caring to explain what “okay” actually means. truth is, i’ve NEVER heard of “transformers” before. ever. i didn’t know that it was based from a cartoon show or whatever and that it was supposed to be very famous worldwide. my whole childhood life, i lived in a cave. but at least he was kind enough to understand. throughout the movie, he’d explain bits and pieces of information about the characters.

the movie was okay, as vague as that sounds. all i saw and heard were metals crashing and fighting against each other. robots morphing into cars. cars morphing into robots. robot spies morphing into radio players. etc, etc, etc. but it was fun, though. i mean, yeah, i actually enjoyed it.

but what i actually enjoyed most was the giddy childish look on his face in anticipation of the movie. exactly like that of a kid brought to a toy store with the promise of buying all his favorite toys as a reward for being good. he hasn’t been “good” those past two hours but the look on his face… priceless.

i’m still not convinced that huge robots can transform into regular cars, though. i can’t figure out where all the other parts go and how come the pieces fit perfectly when there’s too little space for the other robotic stuffs. he explained that that’s the reason why they’re called the “transformers.” but i don’t get it still. i’m that child who keeps asking “why?” after exhausting adults’ reasons and logic. i mean, why?!

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