dissecting picasso


The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?  — Pablo Picasso

ah, once again, the issue of slumber. i don’t know what time it is. but it’s definitely way past midnight. what am still doing on the net? don’t ask. you don’t wanna know and i don’t wanna bore you.

this guy right here, he’s lost so much sleep already. i don’t wanna end up like that. but i doubt that, given he makes up for those long nights, he’d look any better. i just doubt it.

just so you’d know, this is supposedly one of picasso’s abstracts (supposedly, because i did not memorize all of his works. not even one. and so i rely on the information from the web, cross my fingers and hope the source is not fabricating. if you’re an artist of some sort familiar with picasso’s works and you’re damn sure this abstract right here is his, let me know.). i love that guy. such genius. abstracts actually convey a deeper meaning and the deep, intelligent person that i am, i need ramrodz to clue me in as to what the artist is trying to say. like right now, this one, i don’t know what the hell this means. all i know is that the guy is in a pretty bad shape. i’ll have ramrodz figure this thing out. he’s good in figuring things out like, say, abstract paintings. it’s just too bad he sucks at figuring ME out! hehe. kidding. or not.


since we’re on the subject of interpreting abstracts, i got another one right here.

my first (and moronic) interpretation was that this girl was bored and was just sitting there doing, well, nothing. in my opinion, the girl looks in love and was just thinking about some guy or whatever. when ramrodz explained the full concept to me, it somehow stamped the word dumb on my forehead. (but i don’t mind since i know that most of you probably don’t have as much clue as i did so it’s okay. we’re all dumb one way or another. hehe.)

so anyway, this picture is actually that of a girl in love (yipee, one point for me!) and her mother. if you look closer, the mother isn’t looking so happy (the right half of the face, that’s the mom) and if you look closer still, you’d see that the direction of her eye is toward the girl, meaning she’s very keen on her daughter, watching her daughter’s every move. ramrodz said that there’s a probability that the mother doesn’t like the girl’s boyfriend that much. that explains the expression on her face.

so that’s all that he explained to me. after he left me in amazement, i looked at the picture again and noticed that a hand is like, grabbing the girl’s bag (which is in her lap). i then started making theories of my own: that the hand is that of the girl’s boyfriend and he’s grabbing her, well, virginity or something. that’s the main reason why her mom’s acting the way she does.

right after making such discovery for myself, i texted ramrodz and told him about it, hoping to gloat over something that i thought he wasn’t able to figure out. am i wrong. (again!) he already figured it out, alright. he just chose not to tell me so i would figure it out myself. if i didn’t, i would have never known!  hahay. stupidity is a gorgeous woman’s downfall! lol. but it was great. i had fun and it sure was nice learning stuffs like that from him. why don’t they ever teach that in school? i swear, it would really help a lot with kids’ imaginations instead of boring their brains with math. no wonder i have no creativity. and i suck at math.

there you go. there’s your little oasis of knowledge right there. i know all the analysis and interpretation may have been too much. rest assured, i tried to explain it the simplest way i know. i hope your little brain didn’t explode with all the mental processes you had to go through. hehe. if you have to blame somebody for your brain’s spontaneous combustion, don’t blame me. blame ramrodz. or even picasso. you know what, blame picasso! he started it. :p

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