taking a time-out

i’m stressed out, alright. which is the main reason why i’m spending hours on my multiply. or not.

okay, admittedly, i am a self-confessed procrastinator. but i do study. i swear.  it’s just that it’s too much right now. first, there was NCLEX and now the  tainted local boards, which we have to retake because of some dumb people’s fault. one year later and we’re still here. caught in the tangles of political and professional controversy.

after this writing, i’d probably go study. in my bed. which puts me in a very comfortable position for sleep. come tomorrow when i wake up, i’d then start hating myself for wasting too much time on the non-essentials and blaming myself for the utter lack of self-control and discipline. i would then make a mental promise that i’d be more responsible and vow to study with such fervor that it would put albert einstein to shame. and then, as the cycle continues, i fall asleep the second i read the first word of the book.

trust me, i know the drill. i spent 6 years in college. it’s a miracle i survived, considering such lousy study habit.

in a twisted sense, i kind of enjoy sleeping with my books and papers and waking up to the glorious crumpled mess. it can only mean one thing: i got a good night’s sleep 🙂

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