In a very exciting world, be boring.

I get the day and the whole house to myself and guess what I end up doing:

Activating my gouache set.

Which is proving to be quite a difficult task I wonder if it’s worth my hourly pay rate. I’m probably better off buying a new one and keep that away from Raven’s paws but that kitty is so cute I wouldn’t be able to resist. I might as well just knuckle down and keep stirring this bloody thing until my fingers develop osteoarthritis or she’s old enough to look after my art materials and then I can buy a new set. Whichever comes first.

The sun’s out and I’m so tempted to do the laundry.

But, no.

Today’s my me-day. Raven’s on a date with her auntie. Jeff’s out on a shoot.

Life is glorious.

Even if the only exciting thing that happened to me lately was that I bought a rechargeable ring light. One that you clip on your phone to give you better selfies. A total game changer.

The random things you discover and impulse-buy at Kmart.

So, yeah.


*Raven at 7 years old

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