Colors In Contrast to the Rain

Wow. Good luck on the cleanup! was the first thing that came to my mind. Sure, it was a fun concept but holy shit, all that purple and orange elastic bands woven in, out, and around poled platforms could bring out any mother’s worst fear.

All for art’s sake, hey?

I thought it would be a fun activity for Raven to try during the school holidays. Something different. The event at Bunjil Place was called Tangle where, for a $5 fee, each kid was given a ball of elastic thread to loop around whichever pole(s) caught their fancy. It’s about allowing kids to take the lead and contributing to a colorful artwork that is currently a work in progress until it culminates this Saturday.

Meanwhile, a group of artists dressed in rainbow-colored outfits roamed about to instruct or encourage the kids, all happy as a lark.

“What do I gotta do to get a job like that?” I whispered to Jeff, caught up in the artists’ buoyancy. “You reckon they’re high?”

Of course it had to be cold and rainy on the day I booked an event for my daughter which luckily fell on my day off, too. The last few days were sunny as. Tomorrow’s looking bright as well. Guess it was just my luck.

But all that gloominess dissipated with the colors and the music, though. Artistic vibes excite me. There’s just something about the creative energy that makes me come alive. That’s the beauty of art. You cannot be merely a spectator because one way or another, it draws you in. Whether you react to it positively or negatively, like I said, it draws you in. It’s a vortex.

While we were already at Bunjil Place anyway, I decided to take Raven and Jeff to the art exhibition I’ve been meaning to check out since last month but never got around to on account of work or pure laziness to drive my ass 5.2 km to get there. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I was born to have a driver. Maybe that’s why the universe gave me Jeff. Came in handy that he’s a photographer too. Talk about abundance.

The exhibition was called Rosie Deacon: Spaghetti-Stack-Snuffle-Shuffle which displayed larger than life installations in colors so bright and materials so cute it felt so Kpop.

As the artworks didn’t come with descriptions, I was left to my own devices to interpret their meaning. Not that I came up with any significant insights, really, because to be honest, I thought it was more of a visual treat rather than something that you ponder about to address your existential crisis.

In other words, I wasn’t really thinking. At all.

Although I couldn’t help but wonder, where do these huge installations go when the exhibition is finished?

Capped the morning off with a little visit to the library. Started reading The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel which was the first book on the shelf by the entrance that grabbed my attention. It’s on my list to books to buy, repeatedly influenced by posts I keep seeing on Instagram. Needless to say, I ended up borrowing it instead of buying one. A very frugal decision that saved me $20.

At this rate, looks like I’m on my way to becoming a millionaire.

*Raven at 6 years old

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