Aurelia’s Birthday

I missed out on the lechon because I was late.

I was late because Ate Lorna and I had our regular curry oil hair sesh which means I had to leave it in for a couple of hours, then shower it off, then get my face ready, then drive over to Jeff’s cousin’s place.

I could’ve cut the “curing time” short but I didn’t. Because I got caught up blogging and once I get my flow going, it’s pretty hard for me to just stop because writing is sort of like an addiction too. I was riding on my high.

So, yeah. That’s why.

I was still able to find some crispy skin on the lechon, though, thank God! Growing up eating roast pig on special occasions has taught me a couple of tricks here and there on where to find those sought after bits, and how. But all in all, the lechon itself was very tasty. Reminded me of my hometown where Sundays smell of sea and spit-roasted suckling pig.

I apologize if I’m making it sound as if the lechon was the highlight of the event. It’s just that I haven’t eaten lechon in such a long time I felt like that in itself was a cause for celebration.

But, of course, it was nice to catch up with everyone there, sharing our COVID experiences and recollecting veteran Filipino actors and the roles they played in their famous movies. It was a lively and animated walk down showbiz memory lane as well as a great reminder of how our generation is aging along with them. I don’t even know the young actors now anymore.

Raven and I ended up leaving at 1:00 in the morning and driving on the foggy freeway which was giving me zombies and The Twilight Zone vibes. It was creepy as.

Raven enjoyed playing big cousin to 3-year old Aurelia. I loved watching how gentle she was with her — helping her open her presents and build her Lego.

She would’ve made a wonderful older sister. And I say that devoid of sentimentality. I say it as it is.

Either way, she’s such a beautiful spirit and I am so proud of her.

*Raven at 6 years old

2 thoughts on “Aurelia’s Birthday

  1. OMG Lechon is the bomb – all Filos must be obsessed with it. Haha. I loved seeing your pictures and you look so beautiful. It’s so lovely that Raven was gentle and sweet with her little cousin xx

    1. Oh, I have a lot of wonderful memories around lechon. It’s not a fiesta without it.

      Having said that, I guess it’s also one of the reasons why Filos are prone to cholesterol issues, forsaking restricted diets in favor of “just this one time” where we allow ourselves the pleasure of a succulent roast pig.


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