All those times my sister nagged me to read her cards. Always asking if she was ever gonna get her permanent resident visa, and when.

And if not, why.

The cards were always positive, though. It was always a yes but at the same time, it kept asking for her patience. A double-edged sword against a backdrop of bright sunny sky peeking out of a grey horizon. An image that, depending on your interpretation, can go both ways.

For both our sakes, I chose to look at the positive side. Because I wanted it for her just as much as she wanted it for herself. She had been patient long enough. And there’s only so many readings I can do with the exact same message over and over again I was starting to get frustrated with the universe’s timing as well.

Tarot reading and performing surgery on your own kin are not that different, I reckon. Neither is advisable if you aim for an unbiased outcome devoid of any emotional or psychic attachment that clouds your judgement.

Which was why I kept turning most of her requests down. I found her so difficult to read. I’d be looking at the celtic cross spread in front of me and I would just draw a blank. Either that or it would take a while before the imagery “clicks” and I gain some form of understanding as to how to connect the pieces together because nothing made sense.

And it didn’t help that I was not yet proficient in the craft I was still learning and yet here was my sister asking me life questions about her future.

It was a big ask. Nevermind the too-close-for-comfort psychic connection, talk about pressure!

But that’s all water under the bridge now. As of June last month, she is officially an Australian Permanent Resident (Yay!) and to celebrate, she shouted us dinner at Miss Ping’s.

The KFC wicked wings she used to bring home to celebrate the little victories along the way were nice too but I’m not complaining.

Free food is free food. This one maybe with a bit less cholesterol.

*Raven at 6 years old

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