Raven and Maggie

“Oh, hey there my little unicorn!” I exclaimed when Raven opened the door for me. I just got home from work, and she and Jeff from a playdate at Lollipops Playcentre in Noble Park with one of her friends she used to go to kinder with.

“Mama, it’s a rainbow,” she corrected me matter-of-factly of the glittery face paint over her eyes and forehead. Which was gorgeous, by the way.

I may have missed out on this occasion but it sure was nice to look at the photos sent to me by Maggie’s mom while I was at work. Jeff said the girls had a fun time. They were there for three hours.

With Raven being an only child, I have now made it my mission to build genuine connections with other moms who have kids her age. I mean, I reckon I gotta start with myself first. Come out of my shell a bit more and actively build good friendships that I can surround Raven with. Because at the end of the day, I’m her personal chauffeur. If I don’t get myself out there, we’re both gonna be stuck at home.

I’m glad Jeff is very hands on with Raven, as well. We organise our schedules around hers so most of the time, one of us is always there. We have talked about this a lot and I’m happy that we’re on the same page as far as raising Raven is concerned.

Tomorrow we’re taking her to Tirhatuan Park for an event called Dandy Creek Festival. School holidays is almost over. Next week, it’s back to school for her.

*Raven at 5 years old

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