Cold Orange Juice that Warms the Heart

This was one of those things he liked to do — leave notes for me on a glass of juice in the fridge, on my bedroom door, on a freaking pomelo, for crying out loud! He was funny like that. Thoughtful as. The best dad one could ever ask for.

Going down the rabbit hole of missing him sooooo much.

All these beautiful memories I have of him come flooding in. Memories brought about by resurrected photos.

A picture of him proudly sitting next to his tomato plant after a quick jog around the garden. Him bragging about how, once harvest season begins, he would then start supplying to McDonald’s.

For the record, that plant bore maybe only one or two tomatoes, max. In his defense, he claimed my mom sabotaged his budding tomato plantation. An argument he may totally still stand by, wherever he is. Most probably chuckling to himself.

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