I’m not gonna lie. It does get on my nerve a bit when people start heavily convincing me under the guise of “advice” that I should give Raven a brother or a sister. That I would regret not acting on it for as long as I live because she’ll end up lonely and alone. They have a point and I see some truth in their argument but the way I see it, if it happens, it happens. I leave it all up to the universe that’s why I’m pretty chill about it. As far as I’m concerned, I am signed up to the “One and Done Club.” Until further notice, that is.

Living in Australia with no parents to help look after your kid so you can work is one of the major challenges I have. But then again, with my personality, I probably wouldn’t subject my parents to a life of babysitting either when in the twilight of their years, they deserve the freedom to enjoy their lives and go see places they had been dreaming in their youth.

I sound like daddy is still alive. Even if he was, I still would’ve wanted him to be free of any grandparental obligations, if there ever is such a thing. Even bringing my mom over here is out of the question. She has her own life set in Cebu and I understand and respect that completely.

I count myself very lucky to have my sister here, though. Apart from Jeff, she’s the only one here I truly trust 100% to look after Raven and raise her with the values I myself consider to be important. El-El is Raven’s second mama and I am always and forever grateful for her presence and her help on those Saturdays I have to go to work and she is tasked with taking Raven to gymnastics.

She goes above and beyond, too. Not only does she get Raven to gymnastics on time, she takes her out for lunches and shopping after. Yesterday, she took her to Legoland in Chadstone. Raven loved it! As soon as she got home, she went looking for me in the backyard where I was hanging the washing and excitedly showed me the customised minifigures she bought. Or should I say, that her auntie bought.

Raven created a minifigure character in honour of me. She picked the black top bun hair because she knew I would like it. For accessory, she chose a laptop. She called the character “circus blogger.” The blogger part, I get. The circus bit… not so much.

Now she’s saying she wants her auntie to take her to Saturday gymnastics from now on so they can go to Legoland again. I don’t blame her. Between Legoland and the library next door to her gymnastics that I usually take her to, Legoland wins.

*Raven at 5 years old

4 thoughts on “LegoLand

  1. Having a single child is ultimately a choice. Although my mother has advised me that having children is much better, I believe that she is coming from a more traditional viewpoint. Filipinos generally have more than one child. It’s always a question people ask me, when is my child going to have a brother or sister. The answer requires an explanation each time. It baffles them almost every time. I find it amusing.

    1. Most of the time other people’s opinions don’t really bother me but some people feel too pushy I can’t help but get defensive as well. I mean, we all have our reasons. But, you know, it gets intrusive. Like, just back off already! Lol. But, seriously…

      Sorry for the very late reply. Life.

      How are you? All is well, I hope? 🙂

    1. Hahaha. She plays the game well to her advantage.

      How’s your vlogging/blogging going? Better than mine, I hope. I rarely even open my laptop anymore.

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