Something Positive

Jeff took my phone out of my hands as I lounged around in bed and placed it next to my laptop. Used it as a bait to lure me into my little corner spot so I can do what I told him I would “most definitely” do: blog.

So here I am. Fell for it hook, line, and sinker. My face feeling heavy from the oil that I generously lathered on as a last step to my PM skincare routine. I wanna try slugging but I can’t find a bottle of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in the bathroom. I can’t get one anytime soon either because I can’t leave the house for the next seven days because I tested positive on the Rapid Antigen Test.

Yep, caught the bloody COVID. A week after I had my booster dose. I reckon I got it from Jeff who probably got it while he was shooting a wedding but he had a negative twice. This, despite having all the major symptoms — fever and chills, muscle pain, headache, the works!

The only reason I got a RAT was because my work gave me some yesterday. With them being so rare at the moment, I figured I’d do the test on behalf of everyone else in my household. Take one for the team. As soon as I saw the two red lines, that was it. Automatic lockdown. I became part of Victoria’s COVID statistics that saw 37,994 new cases as of the eleventh of January.

Just another fish in the ocean.

My boss advised me to test Jeff and Raven, too. They both came up positive, which wasn’t exactly a surprise anymore.

We’re all okay. Symptoms-wise, it feels like a minor cold — burning eyes, runny nose, and the occasional cough here and there but no respiratory distress, thank God. I pray that this is it.

Easy come, easy go.

“Mama, I miss going to Mandy’s for hotdog and rice,” Raven said. “When can we go there again?”

By ‘Mandy’s,’ she meant that restaurant we always go to at Noble Park. Or should I say, used to go to. Jeff doesn’t really like the place anymore, claiming that one time, he had to wait an hour and a half for his order and there was barely any other customer in there.

I understand their service is a bit slow. It’s a family-owned restaurant. But I’ve gotten fond of the matriarch and I like their food so I’m very forgiving with the slack.

“Soon, baby,” I replied. As soon as this isolation is over.

*Raven at 3 years old

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