Crispy Chicken!!!

I didn’t know he didn’t notice. How, every time he wants to have lok lak at his favourite Cambodian restaurant, I just sit there with him and not order anything because I’m not hungry.

It’s not that I’m not hungry. It’s just that I don’t like their food anymore. It’s the same menu but somehow, I feel like the food tastes different. And I refuse to waste my money (or his) over something I know for sure I wouldn’t even enjoy.

But on this day, I decided to give it another shot. Ordered the safest item on the menu: crispy chicken with red rice. Surely they can’t screw it up.

Well, they did.

The chicken wasn’t crispy at all and instead of a quarter of a chicken thigh or whatever, I got winglets! Soggy winglets sitting on a bed of shriveled salad greens. It was one Asian dish trying so hard to be Aussie when there was no need to because, hello, this was bloody Springvale! (If you know, you know.)

Meanwhile, Jeff devoured his lok lak like a starved husband who just came out from famine (or imposed ‘intermittent fasting,’ as the wife calls it).

“Can you write a review of our restaurant on Facebook?” the owner asked us sweetly when she saw me and Jeff taking photos. She always has a charming smile ready, I noticed.

“Sure,” Jeff replied at the same time I said “I don’t have Facebook.”

He hasn’t made that promised review yet while I don’t intend to, even if I had Facebook. I’m glad I don’t. I’ll leave the positive reviews to her other customers who would happily drop 4 or 5 stars in a heartbeat. I’d hate to be the one to break her heart.

Jeff cracks me up. I think that’s one of the major reasons why we click. He’s a funny c*nt. He leaves me in stitches when he doesn’t leave me homicidal and that’s the fine balancing act we maneuver on on a daily basis. Like walking on a fucking tightrope. While simultaneously breathing fire.

But the day wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Because who would have thought that the silver lining would come in the form of oolong milktea with pearls and lychee bobba balls? My new favorite drink.

I know, I know. I’m late in the game. I used to always get the taro blended ice but then my new coworker got me intrigued on milktea so I tried it.

Lo, and behold. Now I understand the long queues and the obsession. It’s actually really good!

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