Babyccino and Chips

So, as soon as the lockdown was lifted and Raven’s gymnastics classes were resumed, I took her to The Public’s Corner Cafe like I promised her I would. Babyccino and chips was the combo deal but somehow that translated into an additional order of unicorn pancakes which is basically your usual buttermilk pancakes, but with fairy floss for hair and chocolate wafer sticks for ears. Around the plate are sliced strawberries to make the meal look healthy, but the chocolate drizzle didn’t help to relieve my slight discomfort. Cute as it was, all I saw was sugar, sugar, sugar.

I’m no health hypocrite. Between savoury and sweet, I go for the former in a heartbeat. Thus, the chips. Or french fries, whatever you wanna call it. I don’t know what they lace them with but they are so good! Pair it with cappuccino and it’s bliss!

I also promised Raven I would take her to the library close by but they hadn’t opened yet when we went. Guess we got too excited with retail and restaurants opening up we thought that applied to everything else, too.

Maybe next time.

*Raven at 5 years old

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