City Date

Once in a while, I like to tag along on Jeff’s errands even if it means all I ever get to do is sit in the car. I don’t mind. I’m an expert at occupying my time. I usually have my phone, pen and journal, and book with me although I’m embarrassed to admit that I almost always end up on my phone, losing precious time on other people’s lives and laughing over funny memes that I later share with Jeff which he wouldn’t find hilarious at all because my sense of humour borders on psychotic.

I enjoy the joyride. I like looking out the window and reading exit signs on the freeway that lead to places I have never really been. I like catching up with Jeff and reminiscing about where and how we started and how grateful we are to have come this far, so far.

The last time I was in the city was probably that time I went with Jeff drop off some footage in Fitzroy early last year. While waiting for the files to transfer, we walked around a bit and found us an empty restaurant to have late lunch at.

And because he had his camera with him anyway, how about a little impromptu shoot?

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