An Afternoon in Mornington

There were definitely more cars on the road, I can tell you that much. With Melbourne easing the lockdown restrictions to allow shops to open and for more people to gather outdoors, Main Street in Mornington was packed!

Of course, I say that in comparison to when it was a ghost town during Stage 4 lockdown and the only reason we were 40km outside the 5km zone limit was for Raven’s eye checkup and eyeglasses fittings.

“Wow, it’s so busy outside!” I remarked to the young staff with her cool Dr. Martens boots in black.

“I know! It’s crazy!” she replied. It’s hard to miss the excitement in her voice.

It did feel a bit weird having a lot of people out and about — lining up outside shops waiting for their turn to go in, sipping coffee outside the cafes and having chats, or simply just walking their dogs — probably all smiles beneath the masks they wore.

The atmosphere was a general feeling of friendlines and freedom with maybe just the right touch of paranoia.

To celebrate, Raven and I got some dress up and unicorn stickers from the toy shop next door. After all, she had been such a trooper through all her doctor’s visits. A lot of times she just sat there with a pen and paper drawing her boredom away. She deserved it.

*Raven at 4 years old

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