What’s in your trolley?

Sometimes it feels like there’s a war going on. Or one that’s about to start. Just the uncertainty of when this whole coronavirus thing is going to end. Countries going on lockdown. My local Coles running out of toilet rolls, meat, flour, pasta, sugar, and everything else people are frantically filling up their trolleys up to the brim with.

I did a bit of grocery shopping yesterday, at this small supermarket in Doveton. Not surprisingly, the place was quiet. No, they didn’t have toilet paper but surprise, surprise, they had paper towels! I almost couldn’t believe it. There was a pack sitting there at the counter and I wondered if another customer left it with the cashier while they quickly grabbed items they might have missed.

“Hey, I didn’t know you stock those!” I remarked to the tall teenage staff working behind the counter. “Which aisle is it?”

Apparently, they can only give it to customers upon request. And only one pack per customer. Needless to say, I asked for one. They were Viva paper towels, after all. The one brand I only ever use for my DIY wet wipes for Raven, which I have been doing since I found out about this genius hack when she was 6 months old. She’s turning 4 next month. I’ve never looked back since.

If you have a baby and you maybe wanna give it a go, check out this youtube video. It’s super simple! My only regret was not finding out about it sooner.

Anyway, grocery shopping feels so weird now. It’s like going to a priest for confession. There I was with some salt and sugar (we’re almost out), frozen veggies, fish fingers (hey, I gotta make sure my family survives the apocalypse somehow.), and most importantly, my three bags of chips should I decide to pursue watching Crash Landing on You and I felt… guilty.

Yes, guilty for buying things that I need and I wasn’t even hoarding. And it’s stupid because now it sounds like I’m being defensive. How fucked up is that?

I should’ve bought that bottle of whiskey, as well. Now all I wanna do is go to Aldi. I heard their Prosecco is really good for only $10. I have got their Claire Creek Sparkling Moscato chilling in my fridge but it comes in a corked bottle. If I open it, I’d be forced to drink the entire thing in one sitting which, upon further consideration, is starting to sound more and more enticing.

This post was supposed to be about that Monday afternoon spent at the backyard with my family. I got off track and I blame #coronavirus for it.

Anyway, let me leave you with a photo of Jeff looking all macho carrying a sack of rice on his head. We’ve never bought 10kg of rice before — ever — but with rumours of an impending lockdown, better safe than sorry, hey?

Nevermind that we have nothing to pair it with. We’ll be eating rice and rice alone for the duration of the quarantine.

Rice porridge, here we come!

2 thoughts on “What’s in your trolley?

    1. down here, supermarkets have limited most hoarded items down to one per customer only. which is alright, i reckon. the hoarding has to stop. seriously.

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