Out To Lunch

We go out to grab lunch at the market and guess how many pictures my husband takes?


71, if you count a couple of test shots he took of our window looking into our neighbour’s roof. Nothing much going on there, obviously, but who knows how photographers think? Under the perfect light, Jeff might feel compelled to take photos of rubbish looking absolutely stunning in a bokeh of light.

When no rubbish is in sight, he asks me to fill in. Tells me I’m doing a great job.

dandenong marketdandenong market

But Raven — that kid has a very special spot in his heart. She’s like his muse or something and it really helps that she’s quite a bit of a character as well, pulling out wacky moves and funny faces in front of the camera. She does her own thing and she loves it.

The whole jumping on top of a bench to do bunny hops? Totally her idea. She surprises me sometimes but she’s so adorable I get caught off guard.

That’s my baby right there. My heart and soul.

dandenong marketdandenong marketdandenong marketdandenong market

*Raven at 3 years old

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