Last Sunday

“Are you going out? I might drop by to see you tomorrow.” My younger sister called. She was back in Melbourne. She lives in the city now so I don’t really get to see her as much anymore, except when she comes down to “borrow” my clothes for a party she’s going and I never see those clothes again even after she *promises* to bring them next time.

Other than her sneaky ways of getting outfits for free, I don’t mind having her around. She’s good for Raven and Raven loves her. One night, out of the blue, Raven said, “I miss El-El.”

So, anyway, we went to — where else? — Dandenong Market last Sunday.  We’re like freakin’ rats there. The lady at the Filipino food stall would oftentimes stop at our table when she sees us, to say hello to Raven. She may not know our names but she knows our usual order — pork barbecue combo.

Saw Mae and Joe on this day, too. Launched into a frenzied chat because that’s Mae for you. She’s funny. We were at her house sometime last week and she talked about generosity and doing what makes you happy that I seriously thought the universe sent me to her that night to remind me how wonderful it is to open your heart out to people.

Also, how fun tequila shots can be when there’s five of you clinking glasses to raise a toast. Thrice.

dandenong marketdandenong marketdandenong marketdandenong market

*Raven at 3 years old

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