First In Best Dressed

You can say it was one of those days. The weather was warm as I was sluggish. I had no intention of going anywhere, except maybe the couch. With Raven in day care and Jeff about to go for an errand, I thought I could maybe curl up with my book and a cup of grandma tea. A well-deserved break after cleaning the house all weekend, only to find that it was still messy as. On the third day, I was like, f%ck it.

“Come for a drive with me,” Jeff said. “It’s a nice day.”

It was. A welcome change after the bipolar weather we had been getting. But still. I’m a homebody. Vacation for me is a trip to the couch. Or the bed, whichever is more accessible.

“I can’t. I need to do my face and if you’re leaving in 30 minutes then I won’t have enough time,” I reasoned. I was pulling all sorts of tricks out my hat to bail myself out. Although that one in particular is legit. Sure, it doesn’t take me an hour to doll myself up but I need about 10 to 15 minutes to make me look human at least. I don’t wake up like this.

“That’s alright, I’ll wait for you,” he pressed on. “It’s too nice of a day to waste indoors.”

See, that’s the thing with Jeff. He knows how to get through to me and I hate him for it because then he makes me feel like I’m missing out on life. In short, he yanks me out of my shell. I’m a hermit crab.

The universe sent me a pair of tweezers.

So while he was out doing his thing, I was in the car listening to Hotel California on repeat, sunbathing through the windshield while admiring the shoes Girlie got me for my birthday. (I picked it myself. She gave me a gift card.)

When he was done, my patience was rewarded with iced coffee. Except that it was my shout. That cold, caffeine-loaded treat on a super hot day was a gift to me, from me.


“Take a photo of me with my shoes first,” I told him right before I was about to practice skating at my favorite spot. I had been meaning to do a little shoot of me wearing Girlie’s presents (This, and a backpack but we’ll do the other one later.) but never really got the chance to. You know, like a hey-Girlie-look!-thank-you-for-being-an-awesome-friend-until-my-next-birthday-okay? kind of shoot. Just a chill one. Nothing major.

Before I knew it, he was popping open this big as reflector and catching the light to shine on my face the way they do on America’s Next Top Model. Either that, or he deliberately wanted to blind me. I was like, what the heck?!

I have to admit the reflector really made a huge difference in my photos. I mean, I normally don’t get a lot of likes on my Instagram, or comments, even, but after posting that photo above (right), people were telling me I looked very pretty. It was all very flattering but you should’ve seen me that morning sans makeup doing the laundry.

Between Reality and Instagram, I know where I stand.


That photo on the upper right is Jeff’s favorite. I don’t understand why. I hate it. I think my face looks fat and my nose too flat and my mouth too big. See, I got a lot of insecurities, too. I guess all of us do. But it trips me out how the people who love us don’t even see the things we see or hate the things we hate about ourselves.


I mean, Jeff isn’t exactly Adonis himself but he scrubs up alright. Lol. (Hi, Jeppy!)

Just last week he asked, “How did I end up so lucky to be with you?”

To answer the question, let’s just say he was first in best dressed. All he had to do was feed me and boom! We got engaged in less than a year. How about that?

But, nah, he’s a great guy. He’s good for me in a lot of ways. A bit rough around the edges but all in all, a wonderful guy. Like Aladdin. Except that he’s Abu.

The thing I love most about him, though, aside from being a great dad to Raven?

He supports my madness — this blog, whatever crazy ventures i get myself into, and op shopping.

I’m easy.

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