A $3 Date

halohalo date

Lucky for him, I’m cheap. I’m happy just sharing a halohalo with him in Chowking. Watch this elderly couple on the opposite table having a meal, not really talking to each other much as they were probably too preoccupied keeping their dentures in place as they munched on kropek but you can tell they were comfortable in the silence of each other’s company.

Meanwhile, in our table, Jeff was babbling away as per usual.

Looking at them, I felt a bit emotional. I wondered if my own folks would ever get to to do things like that again. Because, you know, life happens. But still, I’m hopeful that someday they will.

Gotta keep the faith.

halohalo date

On a side note, how cute is this headband? I got Jeff to pay for it, too. He can’t get away with spending only $3 on me, can he?

I mean, with my boobs face personality, surely I gotta be worth $2 more!

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