found me my very own playground

i’m still a bit out of breath from all the skating i just did. i’m getting a bit more speed now. like, woah, look at me go!

but then all that thrill turns into shoot, how do i stop?! as i find myself dragging my left toe stop behind me into a very unceremonious brake where i literally fall down on all fours because my other leg is too far away from the rest of my body which is not supposed to be the case.

but in my heart of hearts, i can honestly say i had fun. and i mean it too.


mainly because there was only me and jeff in the newly-built netball court in doveton so there was less people to worry about avoiding or bumping into.

and it’s huge!

which was why i was getting a cardio workout rolling up and down the whole length of it. halfway through i was practically wheezing.

gawd, i am so out of shape.


sometime during the sesh, jeff brought out a boombox and and started playing from his own playlist. i waited until he was away before i slyly changed it to mine. and without further ado, i kicked off my practice to the classic riffs of all apologies.

who would’ve thought listening to nirvana while skating was actually pretty therapeutic?

“for somebody who likes peace and quiet, you sure like to listen to noise,” said the dude next to me who i couldn’t believe at that point i was actually married to.


does he not know how much “clarity” there is to listening to old school alternatives?! and i’m not talking sound quality of music. i’m talking enlightenment and depth of the music’s lyrics.

to prove my point, i played metallica’s unforgiven. that song’s pretty deep. like tori amos’s silent all these years, which i played too, but more for my own benefit as i sat there on the bench panting and contemplating about life and the universe and how the clouds in the sky seems to bring out the philosopher in you the moment you look up.


i mean, look at me. with my facial expression, i might as well be carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders!


as a nod to documenting my progress, i assigned jeff the task of taking and making videos of me because i can’t be bothered doing it myself for the simple reason that i find editing a laborious process. he’s very efficient at it, which is great. my only problem is watching the videos with me in it looking like a total retard.

i cringe every time.

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