three generations of hardware chicks

i never thought i would come to say this, but it’s true: i have become my mother’s daughter.

which isn’t bad at all, really, considering how i have such an amazingly strong woman as a mom. but, you know, that’s also a sign that you’re, you know… old. which is something i’m trying to surrender to as gracefully as i can while bitching about this pain on my lower back that’s just screaming for a solid 2-hour massage until my cartilages turn into jelly.

this post isn’t about aging, or my mom. (well, not really.) this post is about bunnings warehouse and how i need to have blindfolds on a la bird box (have you watched it yet?) when i’m in there because i always end up spending more than i should on plants that are supposed to thrive on neglect because that’s the best that i can do for them anyway.

and the reason why my mom comes up in the conversation is because she’s a hardcore hardware chick. i mean, some moms you’d find in the clothes or makeup department but if you put my mother in a hardware store, you might as well camp outside because god knows how long she’s gonna be in there.

bunnings reminds me of my mom.

bunnings is my bermuda triangle.

but i’m afraid i started raven a little too early on the hardware craze. at two and a half years old, she’d be sitting in her car seat and go, “look, bunnings!” she loves bunnings. if you ask her what she wants to get in there, she’d probably say “paint.” which is exactly what i got her for christmas. those water-based ones for the little picasso i have on my hands.

bunnings warehousebunnings warehouse

the nice thing about bunnings is that sometimes, you come in and get a surprise treat for your kiddo. on this day, it was a petting zoo. and because it was early in the morning, she had the whole place to herself. for free.

bunnings warehousebunnings warehousebunnings warehousebunnings warehousebunnings warehouse

*raven at 2 years old

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