anzac day and a birthday

i have a love/hate relationship with buffet meals. so when somebody invites me to one, my gut instinct goes wack — feeling both excited and scared at the same time knowing that i will surely be enjoying all my favorite dishes while deliberately ignoring the smoke signals coming from my brain to remind me that my metabolism isn’t just what it used to.

i know, it’s so bad.

i usually go for oysters (yum!), sushi, salmon sashimi or whatever japanese food they offer. with lots of wasabi, of course, because i love the pain of that green paste shooting up my nostrils. speaking of wasabi, did you know that the genuine one is actually very expensive and that the ones sold commercially are mere imitations of the real thing? like mock meat. also, they say real wasabi doesn’t burn your upper respiratory system as if you just inhaled bleach fumes; that it gives you a smoother ‘kick.’

i can’t remember where i got that information from (perhaps jiro dreams of sushi?) so don’t quote me on that. i wish i could give you a firsthand account of what real wasabi tastes like but so far, i have obviously only been tripping on a combination of horseradish, chinese mustard, and food coloring like the rest of you guys.

so, anyway, last month (gawd, are my posts always this late?!) jeff’s stepdad invited us all for dinner at lynbrook hotel. buffet. we got there early so the filos that we were, a photoshoot was in order. also, because we had to wait in the lobby before we could get in for the 7:30pm seating we were booked for. lining up to get in like we were going to the cinemas, minus the popcorn.

lynbrook hotel

i wore the most appropriate dress i could find — black, to commemorate the fallen soldiers who died during the war (it was anzac day, after all.); and a shift dress to commemorate the eventual death of my imaginary abs, with enough room for my growing fats to hold a massive vigil service.

the buffet was — here we go again — okay. i guess. a small part of me had a heart attack when i rocked up to the food stations and couldn’t find oysters or sushi anywhere. the closest they had was mussels so i had that instead. as well as pork cracklings and some vegetables and whatever else it was i can’t remember anymore because like i said, it was freaking one month ago!

i need to be more dedicated to this blog. i really do. but at least here i am trying. it’s 5:35am, for heaven’s sake and i’ve been up since 2:30am. if you do the math, that means i’ve been awake for 3 precious hours with nothing to show but some shitty post.

oh well, at least i showed up, hey?

lynbrook hotellynbrook hotellynbrook hotellynbrook hotellynbrook hotel

*raven at 1 year and 11 months old

9 thoughts on “anzac day and a birthday

    1. yep, she’s 2 na. had her birthday last month which reminds me of how slack i have been in updating my blog. unsaon nalang akong 1 followers. hahahahaha.

  1. Lol showing up early for the buffet! But always better early than late because you can get the pick of the spread. I’m always early to things and stand around awkwardly until the things start lol. I really like what you said at the end – showing up. Showing up is probably the most meaningful thing someone can do. It could be like you finally writing this blog post to entertain us. Or you could show up to a friend’s party for ten minutes just to wish them well. Presence probably speaks more than a thousand words. It can speak a thousand islands and a thousand memories πŸ™‚

    1. showing up does have a lot of meanings, depends on how you look at it. i like your depth perception and how you just turned what would’ve been just a regular phrase into something more profound than its original intention. wherever did you get such mystical power?! lol.

      but… yes to being an early bird! especially when it comes to buffet. and most especially when it’s at that buffet resto in docklands which doesn’t have that much dishes to choose from and closes way too early. we had our company christmas dinner there and so far, that was the most disappointing buffet i’ve ever been to. i take these things seriously.

      1. Lmao. A lot of people say I am intuitive, so maybe I have some mystical power πŸ˜› I guess presence and showing up has always meant a lot to me, in terms of both my platonic and romantic relationships. When you show up, most of the time you make not just an impression but a memory πŸ™‚

        I actually haven’t heard too good reviews about restaurants in Docklands – so now that you said its disappointing, I am inclined to believe you πŸ˜€ But I heard there is this yum cha place there that is delicious but expensive. And the prices in Docklands are quite steep for food.

        1. speaking of expensive, i knew there are heaps of very posh and expensive restos in the city but hearing some doctors i work with talk about them, i was like, “wow, seriously?! $280 per person for food?!” granted, it was a fine japanese restaurant but… seriously?! i’m quite happy with my $10 pho, thanks. hahaha.

          but then again, to some people, food is more than just food so i don’t have anything against them. it was just the price that made my jaw drop. lol.

          1. $280 per person food is a lot of food. It’s not something I ever think of treating myself too. Even if I had a meal that was that expensive and it was a good meal, I’d find it hard to justify the price lol. I really would much rather eat Maccas and be happy with that. Actually, Maccas always makes me happy πŸ˜€

            1. i don’t think it’s even a lot of food, mabel. i have the feeling it’s more very good quality ingredients for sushi and less like the bento box i used to get at this resto in little lonsdale street together with all the broke uni students. lol.

              you can never go wrong with maccas, i reckon, even though it’s all wrong. i used to love mcdonald’s (and still do) too way back in the philippines but now i’m a hungry jack’s girl. πŸ™‚

            2. ‘you can never go wrong with maccas, i reckon, even though it’s all wrong.’ Lol. So agree on this one. How did you go from loving Maccas to being a Hungry Jack’s girl? The burgers at Hungry Jack’s are just so much more plain form my liking, and the fries so bland :/

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